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Evrim Akdoğu

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Faculty Member
Areas of Interest
Corporate Finance; Theory and Empirical.
  • Article
    Akdoğu, Evrim and Alp, Aysun (2016) "Credit risk and governance: evidence from credit default swap spreads", Finance Research Letters, Vol.17, 211-217 (SSCI)
  • Before SU Publications

    1. “Product Markets and Corporate Investment: Theory and Evidence”, 2012, (with Peter MacKay),  Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 36, pp. 439-453.

    2. “Value-Maximizing Managers, Value-Increasing Mergers and Overbidding”, 2011,  Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis , vol. 46-1, pp. 83-110.

    3. “Gaining a Competitive Edge through Acquisitions: Evidence from the Telecommunications Industry”, 2009,  Journal of Corporate Finance, vol. 15-1, pp. 99-112.

    4. “Investment and Competition”, 2008, (with Peter MacKay),  Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis,  vol. 43-2, pp. 299-330.

    5. “2005-2008 Dönemi Türkiye Firma Birleşmeleri Dalgası ve Önemi”, 2012,  Muhasebe ve Finansman Dergisi,  Cilt 55, s. 51-70.

    6. “Türkiye’de 1988-2008 dönemindeki Firma Birleşmeleri, Birleşme Dalgaları ve Genel Tablo”, 2011,  Muhasebe ve Finansman Dergisi,  Cilt 52, s. 137-152.


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