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Can Akkan

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Faculty Member
B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Middle East Technical University (1989); Ph.D. in Operations Research, Cornell University (1993)
Areas of Interest
Design and analysis of discrete-parts manufacturing systems, finite-capacity scheduling of discrete-parts manufacturing systems, project scheduling, applied mathemathical programming
  • CEEMAN Teaching Champion Award - CEEMAN  2015
  • Graduating Class Teaching Award - Sabancı University  2010
  • Teaching Assistant of the Year Award, School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering - Cornell University  1993
  • Article
    Akkan, Can and Gülcü, Ayla (2018) "A bi-criteria hybrid genetic algorithm with robustness objective for the course timetabling problem", Computers and Operations Research, Vol.90, 22-32 (SCI)
    Koçaş, Cenk and Akkan, Can (2016) "A system for pricing the sales distribution from blockbusters to the long tail", Decision Support Systems, Vol.89, 56-65 (SCI)
    Koçaş, Cenk and Akkan, Can (2016) "How trending status and online ratings affect prices of homogeneous products", International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Vol.20, No.3, 384-407 (SCI)
    Akkan, Can and Külünk, Erdem Muhammed and Koçaş, Cenk (2016) "Finding robust timetables for project presentations of student teams", European Journal of Operational Research, Vol.249, No.2, 560-576 (SCI)
    Akkan, Can (2015) "Improving schedule stability in single-machine rescheduling for new operation insertion", Computers and Operations Research, Vol.64, 198-209 (SCI)
    Altekin, Fatma Tevhide and Akkan, Can (2012) "Task-failure-driven rebalancing of disassembly lines", International Journal of Production Research, Vol.50, No.18, 4955-4976 (SCI)
    Karabatı, Selçuk and Akkan, Can (2006) "Minimizing sum of completion times on a single machine with sequence-dependent family setup times", Journal of the operational research society, Vol.57, No.3, 271-280 (SCI)
    Akkan, Can and Drexl, Andreas and Kimms, Alf (2005) "Network decomposition-based benchmark results for the discrete time-cost tradeoff problem", European Journal of Operational Research, Vol.165, No.2, 339-358 (SCI)
  • Before SU Publications

    Akkan, C., (1998) "A Prioritized Re-insertion Approach to Production Rescheduling", in Beyond Manufacturing Resource Planning: Advanced Models and Methods for Production Planning, eds. A.Drexl and A. Kimms, Springer-Verlag.

    Akkan, C., (1997) “Finite-Capacity Scheduling-Based Planning for Revenue-Based Capacity Management”, European Journal of Operational Research, 100, 170-179.

    Akkan, C., (1996) “Overtime Scheduling: An Application in Finite-Capacity Real-Time Scheduling”, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 47, 1137-1149.


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