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MBA Testimonials

Cansu Yemeniciler

Cansu Yemeniciler (Class of 2012)

"Sabancı MBA gave us the opportunity of conducting long term projects with distinguished companies of various sectors. Within a diversified classroom, the program offers you the flexibility to choose your own elective courses depending on your career preference. Along with that experience and with the full support of our carreer counselors  and valuable academicians, now I am working for one of the leading companies of FMCG industry (Nestle) and I am proud to be a graduate of Sabancı MBA."

Merve Ergez

Merve Ergez (Class of 2013)

"Sabancı MBA program was an enlightening experience. We learned the latest practices in management science from the best professors in Turkey. In addition to the wide variety of courses, our managerial skills were strengthened by the workshops arranged in many different subjects including time management, networking and negotiation. We also had the chance to apply our knowledge in our Company Action Projects and get the hands on experience in the fields we want to specialize, rather than just learning the theories. I am glad to be a part of this experience, and have the competitive advantage of being a Sabancı MBA graduate."

Birkan İçaçan

Birkan İçaçan (Class of 2011)

"Sabancı MBA Program offers a life changing experience. Challenging curriculum guided by renowned faculty members and teaming up with successful fellow students with similar career ambitions create the perfect active learning environment.Company Action Project (CAP) gives you the unique opportunity to take part in an actual business project conducted by Turkey's leading companies. Moreover participating in an exchange program will broaden your vision by exposing yourself to diverse cultures. With the support of exceptional career services you will be more than ready to take your career to the next level."

Gokhan Akdag

Gokhan Akdag (Class of 2006)

"The success of the Sabancı MBA program is in offering a challenging education in a cozy atmosphere. Excellent academicians teach the most up-to-date material while all staff members are responsive to the students' needs. Workshops and extra-curricular activities increase my awareness and improve my perception of global issues. I do not only meet prominent guest speakers, but also gain insight into the practices of executives."

Bulent Denkdemir

Bulent Denkdemir (Class of 2001)

"It is my belief that two of the most important components of success are continuous learning and awareness of the environment. Graduates of any educational institution will be successful to the extent that that institution imparts these capabilities in their students. I have benefited greatly from the Sabancı MBA program. The program’s educational vision, practical orientation and quality of both faculty and students have contributed to my development and subsequent career."

Can Yener

H. Can Yener - (Class of 2011)

"As Turkcell CAP Team, we were working on the "Increasing the penetration rate of Green Bills (E-Bill & SMS-Bill)" Project. This was a top priority marketing project for Turkcell. My CAP experience at Sabancı provided me and my team with the opportunity to gain a valuable first hand experience in the telecommunication industry by taking an active role in real, day-to-day business life. Collaborating with different departments expanded both our vision and our business networks. My Turkcell CAP experience was definitely a milestone in my professional career."

Esra Ramazanoğulları

Esra Ramazanoğulları (University Relations, Turkcell Academy)

As a leading communication and technology company, responding to the changing business conditions and the dynamic structure therein, Turkcell also has the mission to increase mutual interaction through “university–industry collaborations” and add value to its business. Being aware that the growing young generation will shape our future, our goal is to discover promising university students and bring new ideas to our business by joint projects and programs. Sabancı CAP is one of the leading programs that brings both students and faculty into real business life and ensures added value. Every year not only Turkcell but also other Turkcell Group Companies are involved in new projects and we can say that our expectations from the projects are getting higher and higher each year.”

Ziya Boyacıgiller

Ziya Boyacıgiller (Practice Faculty Member - CAP Project Faculty Advisor)

"What we (the students, the company staff, and I) experienced during CAP was as real-life a work-experience as one can get! In my 30 years plus of industry experience, I worked with many teams on diverse projects such as new techology development or starting new businesses. The Sabanci CAP experience for the students had many similar challenges, and I was pleased to see them wade through the uncertainties and the hurdles to converge on a business plan that, in my opinion, is practical and executable, as it is very much in line with the vision of the company managers they worked with. "

Deren Gürsel

Deren Gürsel  (Sabancı MBA & MIT Sloan Dual Degree, Class of 2013)

“One of the main motivations I had when applying to Sabancı University MBA program was the chance to study at MIT during the second year. I was lucky to be admitted to MIT. Before going to MIT, I knew that it is definitely a privilege to be part of this ecosystem. However after a few months, I can easily say that it exceeded my expectations with its world renowned academic staff, course structure, and unlimited number of opportunities outside the classroom. This experience is worth a lifetime.  As an Industrial Engineering graduate from Sabancı University, and also current MBA student, I can say that I was given necessary education and experience to cope with every kind of difficulty at MIT, and I want to say thank you to all my professors and the staff at Sabancı University who encouraged me throughout the process and make this dream come true."

Prof. David Schmittlein

Prof. David Schmittlein, John C Head III Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management

 “As a leading educational institution in an exciting and rapidly developing region, Sabancı University was an excellent choice for MIT Sloan’s first collaboration in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We are honored to have the opportunity to engage with Sabancı’s outstanding faculty and students with the shared and mutually beneficial goal of transforming global management practice.”

Okan Balaban

Okan Balaban  (Sabancı MBA & MIT Zaragoza ZLOG Dual Degree, Class of 2013)

"When I first came to Zaragoza to start my one-year journey in MIT-Zaragoza Logistics program, I had mixed feelings.  Now, after surviving 4.5 months, I see that this experience is unique and one that I will value forever. During past 4.5 months, I learned so many new things that have prepared me for my future career. I have so many different friends from all around the world that I enjoy studying and having fun. There were times that I was under enormous stress and pressure due to high course load and unending projects. Nevertheless, as time passes and I leave each of them behind, I see that they prepare me for real business world and all of them can be handled with necessary motivation. Furthermore, living in a city that hardly speaks English, I improved my personal and language skills."


Göktürk Ozan

Göktürk Ozan (Class of 2012)

 “An overseas educational experience had always been one of my goals. As being part of the Sabancı MBA Exchange Program, I catch a chance to pursue my long lasting aim at the University of Florida. All the courses I took during the exchange program helped me build strong professional skills that would follow me during my business career. One of such examples would be the “Entrepreneurial Consulting Project”, in which we, as a team of four, we were challenged to develop a complete business plan and present it to a panel of invited venture practitioners.  In addition to the academic inputs, exchange experience helped me in getting familiar with different cultures, and enhanced my communication skills."

Yiğit Can Tuğlu

Yiğit Can Tuğlu (Class of 2012)

"I attended summer exchange program at ESCP Europe in Paris, France. It was such a memorable experience that I faced real diversity and tasted Paris in the summer. ESCP is one of the most reputable business schools in France, so courses are well instructed and quite beneficial for future career of any business school student. Besides the academic advantages provided, there are also positive social effects of attending this kind of program. I have taken classes with different people from different nations and cultures, I have now friends from Cameroon, Hungary, Tunisia, Germany, etc. Moreover, Paris is one of the best places to be in during the summer, ESCP campus is located in the middle of the city center."

Maryam Shafiq Hamid

Maryam Shafiq Hamid (Class of 2014)

“The Coca Cola Scholarship provides a wonderful opportunity to students from developing countries for a fully funded MBA at Sabancı University. As a recipient of this scholarship, I enjoy the comfort of having all of my expenses taken care of, and most importantly, the utmost excitement of having an internship and job contract at one of the largest, most desirable employers of the world, hence giving me a kick-start in the corporate sector and a sharpened career focus."

Alper Tokalp

Alper Tokalp (Sabancı Executive MBA Class of 2002, HR and Strategic Corporate Development Director, COCA COLA İÇECEK)

"The ten-year vision of Coca-Cola İçecek and the vision of Sabancı MBA greatly overlap. One of CCI’s  goals is to develop and maintain a pipeline of diverse talents for a strong leadership bench. In this respect, with a bold and innovative decision to attract and retain young talents from many countries, we take part in such a precious program."


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