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Application Process

Completed applications for admission are reviewed first by the PhD Program Committee and then by the faculty members in the applicant’s chosen field of studies. The PhD Committee ensures the minimum admission requirements set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies have been met and that an appropriate advisor is available in the student’s declared field of research. Designated faculty members interview the strongest applicants in person or if infeasible, by phone before making a final selection. Admission is finalized by the approval of the related Graduate School Board upon the recommendation of the Ph.D. Committee and announced to the applicant.


Those interested in the doctoral program are expected to have an excellent academic performance record in their previous graduate as well as undergraduate studies, and exceptionally high GMAT/GRE and TOEFL scores. Students admitted to the program from backgrounds other than management or business may be required to take courses from the masters programs. All stages of the program require participants’ full-time involvement and commitment.

* Candidates with an MA degree applying for PhD Programs must hold an “MA with Thesis” degree. Candidates whose diplomas or transcripts do not contain such information must provide an official letter of evidence from their institutions.  

A complete application includes the following documents:

1. On-Line Application Form: For on-line application please click here

2. Official Transcript: One official transcript is required from each post secondary institution attended. The transcripts must be in their original sealed envolopes.

3. GPA: Candidates who are applying for the PhD Programs with a BA degree must hold a 3.00/4.00 GPA. The candidates who are graduated from institutions which apply a scale other than “X out of 4.00” system must provide a conversion table or an official letter of evidence from their institutions.

4. Two Letters of Recomendation: Two sealed letters of recommendation, written by individuals who can assess the applicant's professional potential, motivation and commitment to attend and successfully complete this demanding program are required.Click here to download the Recommendation Letter Form. 

5. One Photograph

6.  Official GMAT/GRE/GAT and ALES scores: Turkish citizens are required to submit GMAT or GRE score as well as ALES* score. Non-Turkish applicants are only required to submit GMAT or GRE score. Non-Turkish applicants who have GAT score are required to submit GMAT or GRE score as well as GAT score.


Applicants should request that test scores be sent to institution number 7100. For detailed information, please visit the web site,

The University's minimum requirements are;


 GMAT  GRE(Q) Old  GRE(Q) New  GAT - Accumulative Percentile
600 730 157 %60


      ALES* EA(Thesis Masters Graduates)        ALES* EA (Bachelors Graduates)
75 80


*ALES is national Graduate Education Exams and compulsory for Turkish citizens only having not GRE or GMAT.

7-a. “English Proficiency Certificate” for PhD Programs: Photocopies of the documents mentioned below are accepted for application; however originals will be requested upon registration in the case of admission.

International PhD applicants must submit a proficiency exam result in one of the following languages, excluding the native language of the applicant: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Persian. The applicant is required to achieve a minimum of 73 points in the national foreign language examination (YDS) offered by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK) or the equivalent in an international language proficiency exam recognized by ÖSYM Board. The minimum scores required are given in the table below for Foreign Language Proficiency Certificates for proficiency in English.







All PhD Programs





After the test date; TOEFL* scores are valid for two years and YDS, KPDS and ÜDS scores are valid for three years.

Applicants who provide a “Foreign Language Proficiency Certificate” in one of the languages listed above other than English are also required to fulfill the English proficiency criteria stated below at 7.b.

  b  As the language of instruction at Sabancı University is English, the applicant is required to submit the score of one of the English proficiency assessment exams. Recognized exams, the minimum score required and period of validity are given in the table below. Photocopies of the documents mentioned below are accepted for application; however originals will be requested upon registration in the case of admission.

  88   74   B C 73

After the test date, TOEFL scores are valid for two years and YDS, KPDS and ÜDS scores are valid for three years.

*According to the latest instruction letter for Foreign Language Exam Equivalencies issued by the Centre for Selection and Placement of Students in order for an exam to be accepted as equivalent, it must have taken place in a building owned by a state university.

 8. Statement of personal and professional purpose

Applicants should provide a maximum 3-page essay describing their reasons for deciding to pursue doctoral studies in their chosen area, their research interests, and their goals and plans for the future.

9. Curriculum Vitae

Applicants should include their education and work experience, awards and distinctions and any other information they feel would support their application. The applicant's mailing and e-mail addresses and phone and fax numbers should be provided on the first page.

All applicants should send the hard copy documents in order to complete the application process.

Click here to download the Application Procedure document.
Read this document carefully before creating an on-line application.

You will also need the Recommendation Letter Form.
Click here to download the Recommendation Letter Form.

When you are ready, create an on-line application from the link below.
Click here to reach online application procedure.

Following the instructions in the Application Procedure document, prepare your application package and send to:

Ekin Basat

Sabancı School Of Management
Sabancı University
Orta Mah. Üniversite Cad. No:27
Orhanlı-Tuzla, 34956
İstanbul, Türkiye

Tel: (+90) 216 483-9671​
Tel: (+90) 216 483-9653
Fax: (+90) 216 483-9699

Deadline: June 22nd, 2018



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