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Students are admitted to the Sabanci School  of Management undergraduate programs through the Student Selection Examination (OSS) and the concurrent placement carried out by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM).

The same courses taught in other universities' management programs are taught in the Sabancı University Management undergraduate program. What differentiates Sabancı University's program is the flexibility in choosing courses given that they are in line with the curriculum. In the Management program the number of required courses has been kept below the number required at other universities and a curriculum that allows students to take many courses outside of management has been formulated.

Our students can learn about the necessary criteria for transfer to the Management undergraduate program from Student Resources.

Information about the Minor Programs currently offered can be reached through the Information System.

You must choose the topic that you love most to pursue a doctorate degree in, follow the most recent developments in the area and be able to present your creative contributions. The courses that you take in the Management program will make you realize which topics you enjoy. On the other hand, certain management areas require intensive use of mathematics at the doctorate level (the quantitative methods used in finance, operations management, and marketing research). For this reason, students thinking about doing a doctorate in one of these topics should take some mathematics courses and scrutinize their interests and skills. It would be good for students to decide what these courses would be with their advisors. Students would take the mathematics courses they choose from the free electives category. Students can register for the Minor Honors Program in Mathematics if they wish.

There are 6 different course codes for Management courses: ACC, MKTG, FIN, OPIM, ORG ve MGMT. The first five of these codes express their main interest area. The last code is used for all other topics (for example, the MGMT code is used for strategy and entreprenurship classes.)

  • ACC : Accounting
  • MKTG : Marketing
  • FIN : Finance
  • OPIM : Operations and Information Systems Management
  • ORG : Organization
  • MGMT : General Management

Is it necessary to take in the second year the MGMT 203 Introduction to Data Analysis and Research in Business course that is in the Management curriculum?

The aim of the MGMT 203 course that is required in the Management  curriculum, is to introduce students to business data analysis concepts as a foundation for the courses that they will be taking in more advanced levels of the program, to develop students' use of computers for analysis, their presentation and teamwork skills.Students taking this course in the second year will have gained the necessary skills that they will use in courses they will take in the future and will have the opportunity to get to know other students
who are interested in management  like them.

The core elective courses consist of the introductory courses to the main areas of the management. By taking some of these courses, students get to know different management functions and learn the basic knowledge and skills in these areas. The main purpose in taking these courses is to gain a holistic view of management without getting caught in a narrow function. In other universities, most of these courses are all required. However, as the Sabancı University Sabancı School of Management, we believe that six courses taken out of the pool of core electives give the necessary holistic view and foundation, and that it is more appropriate to have the student decide which courses these six courses should be. Especially considering that Management students will have their own business and some will be working as functional managers, we think it is right to allow students who have different interests and skills to choose the most appropriate courses for them. In addition, students can take all of the core electives if they wish (additional courses after six core electives will be considered as area or free electives). It should not be forgotten that due to the non-departmentalized and flexible curriculum structure students have the responsibility to present themselves to potential employers with all of the knowledge and skills that they have gained.

Within the economics courses because especially  ECON 204 Microeconomics courses cover topics that would help individuals and companies make decisions concerning economic issues and be competitive, this courses have the property of forming a sound scientific foundation in topics concerning management. On the other hand, although ECON 202 Macroeconomics course presents information that would help one to understand a country's economy or the world economy and their development (and for this reason is an essential course for every manager), it does not form the foundation of any of Management core electives. For this reason, if a student wishes to postpone one of the economics courses to the third year, it is preferable that it be ECON 202.
That said, especially students that have not made a final decision between Economics and the Management programs should take these two courses which are required for both programs. It would be difficult for a student considering the Economics program to make a healthy decision without having taken ECON 202.

Due to the importance of the core electives in our program we prefer to have our students take them from the Sabancı School of Management. However, courses given by other universities that have similar content can be accepted after parameters such as the university where the course is given and the overlap of the content of the courses have been taken into consideration. Before students register for these courses at another university, students should e-mail the program coordinator the course content (syllabus) and the course they wish to substitute. Student Resources can be contacted for the relevant forms, guidelines and dates.

For undergraduate program students grades below C for core electives are not accepted except under special circumstances. Only in special circumstances the student's request is evaluated by the faculty committee and if accepted the course is counted.

MGMT 499 is an Independent Study course. It is a course that has been designed to do research on scientific topics not completely covered by the content of the undergraduate program. Students wanting to take this course should determine the faculty member with whom they may wish to work, should come to an agreement with a faculty member before the registration period and formulate a course draft.  After getting approval from the professor, the undergraduate program Coordinator will allow students to register to MGMT 499 course by special approval. As a requirement, students have to be senior student with min 2.50 GPA in order to take MGMT 499 course. 

All university courses with credits except the required courses on the Management curriculum are accepted for the free electives Requirement. Management and languages courses are included.Hence  9 out of  30 credits should be among the courses offered by FASS and FENS  and at most 2 of the 100 coded language courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for this area.The point that should be paid due attention here is the role of the free electives in the curriculum. The aim of having 10 free electives in the curriculum of Management program, is to provide students to take courses from different areas in line with the structure of Sabancı University which does not have any departments. For this reason, our advice to students is to look over carefully all courses provided at the university and to take courses from different areas according to their interests. Students can take all over their free electives from outside the Sabancı School of Management.


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