In Management undergraduate program, in order to be up-to-date with the rapidly changing conditions of today's world, we have based our program on basic management skills. One of the most important characteristics of our program is that the number of required courses was kept at a minimum while the number of electives allowed has been designed to be as high as possible to allow our students to focus on new trends and different areas they are interested in.

Management undergraduate program offers distinct learning outcomes. Sabancı BA in Management graduates are expected to…

  • Have an understanding of economics, and main functional areas of management
  • Have a basic all-around knowledge in humanities, science,mathematics, and literature
  • Have a basic knowledge of law and ethics, awareness of social and ethical responsibilities
  • Work effectively in teams and environments characterized by people of diverse educational, social and cultural backgrounds
  • Demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communications in English
  • Pursue open minded inquiry and appreciate the importance of research as an input into management practice; thus,
    • know how to access, interpret and analyze data and information by using current technologies
    • use the results from analyses to make informed decisions
  • Use office softwares for written communication, presentation, and data  analysis.

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