Center For Applied Finance Education

Learning practice of finance moves to a new dimension in CAFE, which is:

  • A simulated trading room with state-of-the-art financial software and real-time data-feed services, utilizing a powerful hardware infrastructure,
  • A laboratory providing a sophisticated learning environment in finance and other related areas,
  • A smart classroom allowing hands-on finance education.

CAFE has 25 workstations in the classroom and 3 workstations in the adjacent business suite. Each workstation has two LCD displays and is connected to data-feed from all over the world with further access to supporting software. Among these software are financial information networks and databases (Thomson Reuters DataStream (Use only in Information Center) , Matriks, Rasyonet StockGround, WRDS, CRSP, CompuStat, SDC Platinum, Mergent FISD, Execucomp), virtual trading and portfolio simulation tools (FTS), and financial analytics software (FINCAD*).

Center For Applied Finance Education

Here are some examples of what students are able to do in CAFE:

  • Follow real trading activity guided by an expert via video-conferencing
  • Trade with your classmates, or enter world-wide trading competitions using FTS, a financial trading simulation software
  • Research companies using comprehensive data from all over the world

*FINCAD is the leading provider of financial analytics and derivatives management solutions, enabling global market participants to make informed hedging and investment decisions and comply with financial standards, including hedge accounting. FINCAD provides software and services supporting the valuation, reporting and risk management of derivatives and fixed income portfolios to banks, corporate treasuries, hedge funds, asset management firms, audit firms, and governments. Sabancı School of Management is a participant in FINCAD's Academic Software Endowment Program.

CAFE Opening