The PhD program at the Sabancı School of  Management (Sabancı SOM) is primarily intended for candidates who aspire to a career in academia. Some graduates may also take positions in public or private sector organizations involved in research, management training, or consultancy. The goal is to have graduates who can perform and contribute at an international level in any of these possible career paths.

The PhD program is open to candidates with a background in business, economics, social sciences, as well as engineering or natural sciences. If the applicants have not been exposed to core business subjects during undergraduate or graduate studies, they may be required to enroll for an additional one or two term preparatory period. Such a period may require students to take master's level courses specified by the Sabancı SOM's PhD Committee. Upon successful completion of this period, the student is admitted to the PhD program. Currently the PhD program offers specializations in Management and Organization,Business Analytics,Operations and Supply Chain Management and Finance.

The program has a strong research orientation where participants are expected to be closely involved with ongoing research in Sabancı SOM and to develop their own research agenda. The doctoral program draws upon not only the core faculty of Sabancı SOM but also the faculty of and courses offered in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Normally the doctoral program takes four to five years to complete. The maximum time allowed is six years. All stages of the program require full-time involvement and commitment on part of the participants.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate a through appreciation and knowledge of extant theory and research in their  chosen field of specialization
  • Develop the capacity to place the accumulated knowledge in the field into a historical and contextual perspective
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of methodologies for conducting research within their field
  • Develop skills pertaining to scholarly writing and presentation
  • Demonstrate the capacity to conduct independent research that contributes to and advances extant knowledge within the field
  • Develop and uphold the scholarly values of independent and critical inquiry, advancement of knowledge, and academic and professional integrity

The PhD program consists of three main components, namely, coursework usually lasting two academic years, a qualifying examination and a dissertation. If the PhD committee deems necessary, the students may enroll in the scientific preparatory program for an additional year. Altogether the completion of program requirements should be expected to take four to five years, regulations concerning each of the components are accessible through the "Student Resources" section of the University's website.

PhD students majoring in one of the four main areas of specialization can complete their coursework in two years by fulfilling the course requirements indicated below. Students are expected to take the qualifying examination after they complete course requirements and before the end of their fifth term in the program. The qualifying requirement consists of both written and oral assessments. Following successful completion, the student develops a research idea and a dissertation proposal with the assistance of his or her supervisor and thesis proposal committee. Within six months after the qualifying examinations, the student orally defends his or her proposal in front of the committee. Upon approval, the PhD candidate can then proceed with the dissertation, which is then read by the five-person dissertation committee. The final approval is given by the student's committee after an oral defense of the dissertation.

PhD students must have an acceptance for a research publication from a SSCI journal in order to meet the graduation requirement besides fulfilling other program requirements.

Year 1 Semester 1 

Core and Area Core Courses

Research Assistantship

Year 1 Semester 2 

Core and Area Core Courses Research Assistantship

Year 2 Semester 1

Area Core Courses

Research Assistantship

Year 2 Semester 2 

Elective Courses and Comprehensive Examination

Research Assistantship

Year 3 Semester 1

Dissertation proposal preparation & defense

Research Assistantship

Year 3 Semester 2

Dissertation Research

Research Assistantship

Year 4 Semester 1

Dissertation Research Research Assistantship

Year 4 Semester 2

Dissertation Defense

Research Assistantship