Sabancı Executive MBA Konsorsiyum

EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation International Week -- September 17-24, 2016


Ten business schools from around the world have agreed to establish this EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation in order to enrich our students’ educational experience and international exposure.  Our underlying philosophy is that by offering a global portfolio of regionally focused programmatic alternatives, we seek to confront our students with the reality of doing business in vastly different countries in ways that will reinforce other learning and experiences and provide an important global perspective on business innovation, so critical in today’s environment.

Possible Session Focus Partner Schools-Locations      
USB Cape Town,South Africa CQU Chongqing,China MIRBIS Moscow,Russia ALMA Bologna,Italy FIU Miami,USA COPPEAD Rio de Janerio,Brazil

Cranfield School of Management, UK


San Jose State University, USA IIMA, Ahmedabad, INDIA
Theme Wine,Retail and Finance Industries Automotive Industry,Minerals and Natural Resources Energy, Oil & Gas, Natural Resources Luxury & Fashion Industries, Midmarket Companies Entrepreneurship,Health Care and Tourism Industries Agribusiness and Natural Resources,Bottom of the Pyramid


Supply Chain & Financial Services

Technology Doing Business in India
Geography Africa China and East Asia Russia and E. Europe Mediterranean & W. Europe North & Latin America South America & MERCOSUR Europe West America South Asia

We hope that this international week, if you choose to attend, becomes another paradigm shifting experience for you after the CBS trip.  Participation in this optional program offers a number of significant benefits to our Executive MBA students beyond those obtainable from a purely domestic offering.  For example:

  • Students will enjoy a strong experiential element where they will profit from direct observation of a different business environment.
  • The international modules will contain graduate business level materials that emphasize a specific area of expertise, industrial focus, or geographic characteristics that each partner school brings to the consortium based on their own expertise.
  • You will gain from interaction with the best minds from industry, government, and academia in important countries in the global economy, as well as from an opportunity for learning from and networking with Executive MBA students from various nationalities in an intensive work and social environment.

Further information about the schools and the programs can be reached from the Consortium website.   Students who would like to participate in the program will be able to choose and attend the program of their choice on a space-available basis.  The fee of this program is included in the tuition fee however those who attend will pay for their travel and accommodation expenses.